Burlap BOO Bunting Tutorial

I’m so excited that Fall is almost here! While it’s not quite cool here in Idaho…I can feel it coming!

When I decorate for fall, I also decorate for Halloween. Waiting until October 1st to put up Halloween decorations just isn’t enough time! I made this cute Boo Bunting and I love how it turned out!
Here’s what you will need to make one too!

//Fabric: I chose a polka dot, but you could use any color you want!
//Orange Paint & Paint Brush
//Glue gun
//Ribbon or string
// Alphabet Stamps (not pictured)


1. Make your own template for your triangles any size you want(I cut mine out of scratch paper).

Trace that pattern onto your burlap and fabric. I made 3 burlap pieces and
4 polka dot fabric pieces.

2. Prepare your stamp by painting your orange paint onto the letter- like below.

Then determine the placement of where you want your letter to be on our piece and press your stamp onto the burlap. Repeat this process for the remaining two O letters on each of their burlap triangles. Allow to dry.

3. While my paint was drying on my burlap pieces, I decided to paint some of the polka dots on my other fabric.

I didn’t have a small enough paint brush, so a qtip worked perfectly! You can decide if you want to do this or not.
I wanted to add a little more orange to the bunting then just the letters!
Allow to dry.

4. After your pieces are dry, you are now ready to glue your pieces to the ribbon or string.

The easiest way to do this I have found is to lay out all your pieces- (with the good side down). Make sure your words will say Boo the right way. I almost had mine backward! Then just put a piece a glue on a pennant and lay the ribbon on top. Repeat that process for each one. Allow some extra ribbon on each end of the bunting. Let dry

5. Hang it up! I added some cute bows at the end. A fun option, but you don’t have to.
I think my little helper liked it 🙂

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