Chocolate Orange Bark Recipe

I love Chocolate Oranges you can buy them in December… but that’s the problem. You have to wait until December to buy them. What if you want one for the rest of the year? Like spring, summer, or fall? Well… I think I have the recipe for you 🙂

Chocolate Orange Bark
//1 11 oz bag of white chocolate chips
//1 oz bag of dark or milk chocolate chips
//1 bar Lindt Intense Orange Chocolate Bar
//1/2 cup zest of Orange
//Orange Extract
1. Place the white chocolate chips and orange chocolate bar into a microwavable bowl.
Mix with 1 Tbs oil. (this will help them chips become creamy.)
2. Heat for 30 intervals until chips are melted. The chocolate will melt as it sits in the warm bowl
as well so be sure not to burn it.
3. Spread onto wax paper or greased cookie sheet. Cool until firm in the Refrigerator.
4. Pour milk chocolate into a bowl and melt in the microwave (same as above).
5. Add 2 tsp orange extract into the milk chocolate mixture and mix well. Spread over white chocolate mixture.
6. Sprinkle orange zest over warm mixture. Refrigerate until firm.

7. Break into pieces and enjoy! Store in Refrigerator.

This is such a yummy treat and so easy to make!
With the holiday season coming up, this would be a great treat to take to a party or family gathering!
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