Conquering Conan Exiles: Surviving Hyboria’s Brutality

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If⁢ you thought surviving day-to-day life was tough,‌ try ​surviving ​in‌ the world of⁣ Hyboria.⁢ The⁣ post-apocalyptic fantasy world of “Conan Exiles” is ⁣a brutal, unforgiving one. You must do whatever it‍ takes to⁣ survive in order to conquer ​this harsh new land.⁣ In this ⁤article, ​we’ll discuss the ⁢techniques and strategies you can use to do just that.

1. ​Introduction to Conan ⁤Exiles

Welcome to the world of Conan Exiles! Hyboria is a cruel and⁣ brutal land, and⁤ survival‌ in ‍this game is no walk in the park. This⁤ guide will provide you with all the essential tips and tricks‍ you need to stay⁣ alive in this unforgiving world.

  • Learn all about crafting, repairing, and upgrading your ⁤armor and weapons.
  • Gather resources, build ‍your base, and explore the vast lands of‌ Conan Exiles.
  • Discover recipes for cooking and creating exotic dishes.
  • Learn‌ about the dangers of the Hyborian world and how to respond to them.
  • Engage with ​the⁣ different factions, cults, and creatures native to the Exiled Lands.

Conan ⁤Exiles is a deep and complex‍ game, and your chances of success will depend on your own decisions and strategies. With this guide, you will be able to develop your own unique path ‍to surviving Hyboria,⁢ and thrive in the Exiled Lands!

2. ⁣Examining ⁣the Game’s Mechanics

Conan Exiles ‍is a video game based on the works ⁤of the legendary Robert ⁢E. Howard. With⁣ gripping ⁤combat,⁣ a captivating crafting system, ‌and a post-apocalyptic Hyboria to explore, it is an incredibly immersive experience. But one of the key elements ⁤to surviving and ultimately conquering the game is understanding its complicated​ mechanics.

Combat – Combat in Conan Exiles is not‍ for‍ the faint of ⁤heart,⁤ as enemies​ can quickly⁢ overwhelm you if you ⁢are not ⁣careful. We recommend mastering the various ‌weapon specializations before entering into a difficult battle. These typically involve using combination strikes,⁤ dodging attacks, and parrying ‍offensives. To master combat⁤ requires practice, but once you get the hang of it, no one in Hyboria will be able to stand in your ⁤way.

Crafting – Crafting is an essential part of Conan Exiles, and requires⁤ basic⁢ knowledge of ‍salvaging and harvesting materials. When ‌you gather the necessary items, you can mix certain materials in ⁢the game’s numerous workstations to create powerful weapons and armor. Be sure⁤ to research the recipes for each item, to⁣ ensure you don’t waste valuable resources.

Exploration – Exploring the game ⁤is ⁣just as important as ⁢crafting and ⁤combat. There are ⁤numerous secrets, puzzles, and ⁣loot to uncover in Hyboria. ‍Notable discoveries may include:

  • Runes
  • Lost ⁤artifacts
  • Looted⁢ chests
  • Hidden paths‌

So ⁤be ‍sure you keep‍ an eye out for any of these items when searching the game.

By understanding these mechanics, you will be well on ​your way to mastering Conan Exiles. Knowledge ⁢of each element will help ‌you survive Hyboria’s brutality and ultimately conquer ‌the game.

3. Adopting⁢ a Strategic Approach

In a game‍ world as wild⁢ and hostile as Hyboria, it’s ⁢essential to take a strategic approach in order to survive. Here are some​ of⁢ the steps you can take to give yourself the edge in‌ achieving success and excellence:

  • Be‌ Prepared and Weight the ​Risks: It’s important to ⁤always come to the game prepared. Make sure to ⁢inquire and ‌learn about the game’s ​mechanics, systems, and environment⁤ before you venture out into the wild and explore. Always weigh⁢ the risks before taking any action. Think through your actions clearly and consider the possible outcomes.
  • Make Use of Your ‌Allies: One⁤ of the best strategies is to team ⁢up with allies. You’ll have much greater success when you work with other players and leverage their⁤ strengths to overpower the ⁢challenges. You⁤ can collaborate on strategies, build large-scale structures, and reach inaccessible areas much ​faster with ⁣the help of allies.
  • Be Resourceful: Make use of the ⁤resources in ⁤your⁢ vicinity to your advantage. Resources ​like ​food, wood, stone, and ore are the basic ‌cornerstone of your progress in the game. Knowing how to harvest them with the most efficient technology will give you an advantage‌ in the long run.⁢ Where possible, try to improve your resource-gathering ability to gain an‌ upper hand.
  • Explore More of Hyboria: Hyboria is⁣ large ‌and filled with secrets and ⁢surprises. It wages away from large, known settlements and deep into the unknown. Exploring these areas of Hyboria can reward you with valuable resources, invaluable information, and valuable ⁢allies.​ Being able ‍to get⁢ to these places may give ⁢you⁤ the⁤ upper-hand in ‌the most⁤ challenging situations.

Your time in Hyboria will depend on how strategic your approach is. Knowing ‍what ⁤to do and when to do it ⁢gives‌ you the advantage needed to survive and progress in the game.⁣ Put in the effort to ‌master the basic strategies and you’ll have a much better chance at success.

4. Strategies for All Areas of the Game

Conan ⁢Exiles is an⁤ unforgiving ‌world ​filled with threats at every corner. ⁤As such, it is important to have strategies to help⁢ you survive and thrive in Hyboria. ‌Here are⁢ the ⁢key strategies you should keep‌ in mind:

  • Procurement and Storage of Resources: Gather and store resources ⁣whenever possible. Make ⁣sure to store them in safe places away from ⁢raiders and claim‌ them as‍ soon as possible.⁣ This will help you progress in the game and build up your gear and settlement.
  • Settlement Expansion: ​ As ⁣you progress, you will ⁣need more land to build upon. Make ⁢sure to build in strategic locations ⁤such as near ore‌ or ⁣water sources, near population ​centers, and places with advanced defensive structures‍ to ​help protect your​ settlement.
  • Develop Combat Strategies: Mastering ‍combat is essential for surviving‌ and thriving in Hyboria. Come up with creative strategies for ⁤dealing⁤ with different kinds of threats and make sure to‌ practice them if ‌possible.
  • Trust: Trust is essential ‍in Conan Exiles. If you want to prosper, you must build‍ trust with other ⁢players. Join or form clans and work together to build up your⁣ settlements‌ and gear, which will make you more successful in the world.
  • Be Prepared for Anything: Hyboria is ​unpredictable, ⁢so it is important to be prepared for any situation. Make sure‍ to have a plan for dealing with raiders, invasions, and other dangerous situations that may arise.

By following these strategies you will be ⁤well⁤ on your way to conquering Conan Exiles and surviving the brutality of Hyboria.

5. Crafting and Resource Gathering

In the ‌brutal, unforgiving world of Hyboria nothing is more important than mastering the ⁤art of .

  • Master​ your materials: As⁣ the cost of resources and‍ tools is high,​ determine the right materials to make what you ​need.​ For example, if you’re in need of soft metal ⁣be⁤ sure to get bronze rather than iron.
  • Don’t ​waste: Much of the resources will ⁤be⁢ gain through hunting and gathering. Use what you find in the best​ way possible.​ Use leftovers to craft useful items​ by⁢ combining⁣ them with different ‍materials.
  • Ahoy Pirates: ⁢ In Conan Exiles you can also craft ⁤boats or⁤ build them from pre-crafted ‌parts. Then rig them with‍ sails ⁣or other parts and take to the water to venture to⁣ other lands.
  • X Marks the spot: ⁣ Search the world for treasure ‌to obtain items and resources‌ that are ‍otherwise hard to come by. Just make sure to ⁤check for traps and enemies that ⁢might be guarding the loot. ‍

Investing time in mastering these ​ skills can prove to be a​ lifesaver as you strive to ⁣survive in the brutal world of ⁢Hyboria.

6. Constructing a Base

Base Camp Building

Getting settled in ‍Conan Exiles ⁤is a long and arduous process, but one of the most important things to do is to establish a base camp. Building a base camp comes with its own flurry of activities, including excavating, constructing, ⁢and defending your area.

  • Find and mark⁤ a ⁢suitable​ plot of land for your base camp.
  • Start excavating. Aim ⁢for depth ⁣to keep out curious creatures, or just‍ build some high walls for the same effect.
  • Choose the ‍right materials for​ the long haul. This means making sure your structures are strong‍ and‌ resilient to‍ the elements.‍
  • Build all the necessary infrastructure. This includes⁢ shelters, stairs, and even castles, depending on how secure you want your base camp to be.
  • Scout the area for raw ‌resources and materials. Gather resources through hunting,⁣ metalworking, and trading.
  • Don’t forget ⁣to fortify‌ your base. Construct walls, build strong⁣ doors, and‌ assemble watchtowers. ⁤

The strategies for ⁤defending and securing ‌your base camp may vary ⁤depending on the environment ⁤and your own preferences. With a bit of creativity and some Ankhanite resourcefulness, you can finally make​ Hyboria a place you can call home.⁤

7. Combat‌ Strategies

Conan Exiles is a⁤ game full of harsh⁤ conditions ⁣and challenging adversaries which can easily overwhelm players that are not⁣ well prepared. Here are⁤ some tips for proper in Hyboria:

  • Play smart ⁣ – Use the environment to your advantage. Make use of‌ cover, stay out of your opponents’ reach, flank, lure, and ⁢generally stay unpredictable in your tactics.
  • Keep ⁢your distance – Whenever possible, try to distance yourself from ⁣your opponents in order to gain a strategic⁤ advantage.​ This will limit their options ‍to melee attacks and give you ‌more time to respond.
  • Take it slow – Avoid rushing ⁤into combat unless ‌you are certain of your victory, ⁢especially ‌against multiple enemies. ⁤Take your time ‌to‌ assess the situation, use sneak ‍attacks whenever possible and plan ‌your action.
  • Improve your gear – Make sure you have the best possible ⁣weapons,‍ armor, and items that‍ you can find. Upgrade your equipment whenever possible and ⁢do not ⁣underestimate what a good set of gear upgrade can do for you.
  • Harass your opponents – If you’re fighting multiple opponents at once,‍ it‌ is best to avoid focusing ‌on one⁢ target and instead switch between them. This will force the other players to actively react to your⁤ movement ​and give you ⁤more time⁣ to strategize.

Finally, ⁣always remember to stay vigilant in ⁣Conan‍ Exiles. Don’t underestimate your⁢ opponents or take‌ unnecessary risks. That ‌being said, use your cunning and skill to conquer ‌Hyboria’s ​brutal world.

8. Making the Most ⁤of Your Character

  • Be prepared: Always make sure you’ve gathered ‌enough resources to withstand an attack. Use the ​environment to your advantage -‌ scavenge for valuable resources and build a safe ⁢camp ‍in the wild. This will⁢ help you survive in Hyboria’s unforgiving world.
  • Skill up: You need to ‌keep leveling up in Conan Exiles to increase⁢ the attack and defense stats of your character.‍ Look for tougher challenges and bigger rewards to ⁤give⁤ you an edge over opponents.
  • Choose the right weapon: The right ⁣weapon will give​ you an ⁣edge in⁣ battle. Learn how to use swords, ‌daggers, axes and spears and find out what ‌works best for your ⁤character. Experiment⁢ with different combinations of weapons and armor until you find the combo ​that suits⁣ you best.
  • Partner up: Having‍ a companion by your side can make your journey safer. Find a trustworthy companion, recruit fellow adventurers and build alliances to ⁤band together and work towards⁣ common goals.

If you can master the ⁣unforgiving environments of Hyboria, you can ‍become a ⁢powerful ‌force to be reckoned with. Equip ⁢yourself ⁣with the best gear and tactics, and you’ll be‌ ready to conquer the lands of Conan Exiles ⁣for yourself.

9. Gearing Up for Survival

Conan Exiles is an⁤ open-world survival ‌game​ revolving around character customisation and exploration. ​Players take control of an exiled ⁣warrior in a barbaric and dangerous world, with the ultimate goal of taming and ​conquering the ⁤land. In this post, we’ll be delving into some of ​the tips and tricks for ⁢surviving⁣ Hyboria’s brutality.

  • Plan Ahead: ‌Before venturing out into the ⁢world, ​make sure to prepare ‍with a full inventory of ‌necessary items. Knowing what you need to take with you is ⁢essential to survival, as resources are limited and can be hard to find. ​It also pays to plan where you’ll go, as well as how long ⁢you’ll‌ stay ⁤before ⁤making a return to your ⁣base.
  • Stay Hydrated: Be sure to keep ⁣an ample supply ⁤of water with you. This is especially important when out in the wild, where natural sources can be hard to come by. Make use of your thirst meter and drink water ‌regularly to ensure you stay as healthy as possible.
  • Gather Resources: Resource management is key ​when out exploring Hyboria. Make ​sure to ⁤gather ​and store as much as you can while​ on your travels,⁤ as these⁣ items can come in handy later on. They can also be used to craft a range ​of items which can help make your survival much easier.
  • Look for Shelter: Be ⁢sure to take advantage of any shelter options available, as the elements⁢ can quickly catch up with you if you’re not careful. Look for caves, ⁣overhangs and other spots to provide safety from the rain, sun ‍and wind.
  • Keep Moving: If you’re feeling overwhelmed⁤ by the harshness of the environment, find a way⁤ to keep yourself motivated. Take advantage of the ​vibrant and dynamic game world by following roads, seeking out new villages or exploring dark dungeons – the possibilities are endless!

These tips should help you prepare for the dangers of Hyboria and give you the best⁤ chance at surviving in Conan Exiles. With a bit of determination and ⁣a little bit of luck, you should be well on your way to conquering the Exiled Lands.

10. Experimenting⁤ with Differing Strategies

Sometimes, merely surviving in Hyboria is not enough. To thrive, players⁢ must learn to experiment​ with different strategies. Here are 10 simple ways to try and conquer Conan Exiles.

  • 1. Build⁤ an Army: Players​ must accumulate an army of mercenaries or build a formidable ⁢force of their own​ to ensure their grip on power. Even the strongest⁣ players⁢ can‍ find themselves overwhelmed with the ⁣constant dangers posed‌ by Hyboria. An army will provide a⁣ much greater level of safety.
  • 2. Balance‌ Offense and​ Defense: Conan Exiles allows players to build powerful fortresses to protect⁢ their⁣ settlements. However, walls and‍ towers‌ alone are not enough.⁤ Well thought-out⁣ attack strategies and tactics must⁢ be ⁢utilized in order ⁣to ensure success‌ in‍ battle.
  • 3.⁢ Exploit ⁤the Weaknesses of​ Foes: Threats ‌should never be taken lightly in Conan Exiles, but ⁤players can leverage particular enemies’ weaknesses in order to‍ gain an advantage. Knowledge of exiles’ strengths, ‌weaknesses,⁢ and behaviors can be invaluable when planning ‍a course of action.
  • 4. ⁢Gather Resources: Having a well-stocked​ inventory is essential to success in Conan Exiles. Players should constantly be on the lookout for resources and loyal followers to help expand and ‍protect their settlements.
  • 5. Forge Alliances: ​ Working together ​with other players can bring a multitude of ‍benefits. Combined forces are much stronger and more capable of defending their territories than a lone leader. Whenever possible, bands ⁢of exiles​ should join together ‍to fight a common enemy or pursue a shared goal.
  • 6.⁤ Train and Manage Followers: In Conan Exiles,⁣ players can amass armies of mercenaries with unique abilities, but they​ must be ‌managed‍ and trained in order for them to ‍achieve​ maximum performance. Loyal followers should be continually ​provided with useful rewards and⁣ instructed to act in accordance with the player’s wishes.
  • 7. Strategize ​Warfare: Conan Exiles has a deep combat system and players must⁣ carefully consider the ⁣consequences of their choices when engaging in⁤ combat.⁣ Knowing the terrain, training troops wisely,​ and planning ahead are all important ⁢factors in deciding how battles⁤ can be ‍won.
  • 8. ⁢Utilize Tradecraft: Not all exiles are skilled‍ in combat. Knowing how to trade⁣ resources⁢ and goods effectively is an equally ⁢important skill set. Being⁢ able to bypass barter prices in order⁢ to acquire valuable items is a vital part of ⁢the game.
  • 9. Make Sacrifices: Conan Exiles is a grueling and harsh game. Ultimately, some things must be sacrificed ​in order to gain an advantage. Players should always strive to ⁢make the ‍best decision for their long-term survival, even‌ if it means ‍devastating losses in the short-term. ⁤
  • 10. Take Risks: Above all, players must not be afraid to take⁢ risks.​ Taking on daunting tasks, tackling difficult opponents, and pursuing uncertain‍ opportunities can bring great‌ rewards. Even if all else fails, true exiles should never shy away from a challenge.

11.⁣ Preparing for the Endgame

Conan Exiles is ⁤a fantastic game filled‌ with stunning visuals and challenging enemies. Player’s must navigate a dangerous Hyborian world, full of secrets and rare collectibles, to survive and progress through the game. In this section, we will talk about ⁢what players ⁤need‍ to do‌ to make sure ⁣they’re ready for ⁤the endgame.

  • Prepare For Battle: As⁤ any experienced player knows,​ the last‍ area in the game ​is for the toughest, ⁣most determined players. Prepare for battle by⁣ gathering up the best weapons and armor that you can find. Make sure you have plenty of health and stamina⁢ potions to‍ aid‍ your cause. Also be sure to bring a healing potion, ⁤so that you can heal ⁣during battle.
  • Know Your Enemies: As⁢ you approach the endgame, ⁣you⁣ will come across​ many​ powerful enemies. Make sure to read up on the best strategies for taking on each opponent. The more you know about your enemy, the more prepared you will be for battle.
  • Teamwork: One of ‍the most important aspects of the endgame in Conan ⁣Exiles ‍is having a ‌good team. Form a team of experienced ‌players who can work together to take down enemies⁢ and solve ‍puzzles. Good communication and sound problem-solving skills will go a long way in helping you survive Hyboria’s brutality.
  • Know Your Role: When playing in a team, everyone should have their own role to play. Assign each team member a role ⁢that best suits their strengths and weaknesses. When⁣ everyone is working together towards the same goal, it can help make ‍the endgame much easier to conquer.

These ⁤are just a few tips ⁢that can help you ​prepare ​for the endgame‍ in Conan Exiles. Be sure to take your ​time,​ plan ahead, ⁤and strategize​ before⁢ jumping into battle. With ⁣the‍ right​ preparation, you’ll ⁤be able to conquer Hyboria’s ‍brutality and come out victorious.

12. Conclusion

Grit and Patience: As with all games, winning in “Conan Exiles” takes both grit and patience. It’s​ important to be able to keep your calm and take the time to strategize, all the while⁣ learning the game and understanding its mechanics. ⁤Make sure you take plenty of time‍ to ‌practice and get ⁢a‍ feel ‌for the game, as it ⁢will be easier to ‌survive the harsh terrain Hyboria has in store for you then.

Health ‌and ​Resources: Maintaining your health is essential to‍ being successful in “Conan Exiles”. Eat⁣ a variety of‌ food that is readily available and ration your ⁣resources ⁣effectively. Don’t forget to carry a lot of healing ‍items, as well as spears and clubs for ⁢defending yourself in combat. Additionally, don’t forget to build a shelter so that you ⁣can‍ find a safe place to ‍rest.

Learn from Mistakes: Despite ​the challenges, conquering⁣ “Conan​ Exiles” is very possible. Always remember to keep your wits ⁢about you and learn from your mistakes. If you make a⁣ mistake or come across challenging creatures or hazards, make sure you take notes and⁣ adjust accordingly. In⁢ the end, if ⁣you are determined and ​don’t give up, you can certainly survive and ‌triumph in Hyboria.

Conquering Conan Exiles is not an easy feat, but luckily, with a bit of guidance,​ setting your game up for success isn’t a lost cause. Once you are ready to take on Hyboria’s brutality, you can look forward to a unique gaming ⁢experience.‍ Best of‍ luck on your journey, and may Crom guide you through it!

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