Create a Family Tree Wall Art: A DIY Project

DIY projects are ⁣a great way to express creativity ​and make something‌ special⁢ with the people we love the most. If you’re looking for a ⁢way to bring your family’s history to life, ⁤a DIY​ project featuring ⁣a family tree ​ wall art ⁢is the perfect way to do it. In this article, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to create ​a family tree wall art in ‍your ⁢home.

1. Introduction to Family Tree Wall‍ Art

Family tree wall art is a great way to add a unique personal touch to​ your home. ⁤It can easily be made in a DIY ‍project and can‍ be customized with ‌any colors, sizes, and designs. It ⁢is also a great‌ tool for teaching children about their family ⁣history. Here’s⁣ a step-by-step guide ⁤to‌ creating your own beautiful family tree wall art:


  • Card ‌stock
  • Self-adhesive stickers
  • Craft ⁣paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Step 1: Start‍ by sketching out your family ​tree on the cardstock. Make sure to‍ draw out all branches⁤ and leaves of ⁤the tree. ⁤This will​ ensure that you have enough room for all the names and dates of your family ‌members.

Step 2: ⁢ Once your family tree is sketched out, start adding names and dates. You can use self-adhesive stickers for⁤ this. Place them next to each branch and ‌leaf. This will also make it easier⁢ to paint.

Step 3: The next step is ⁢to paint the ⁤tree.⁤ Choose a paint color that matches the⁢ room⁣ it ‌will be hanging in. Paint the⁢ trunk, branches, and ‍leaves. ‍This will ​give ‌it a ‍more personal touch.‍

Step 4: Once‍ the painting is complete, use‍ the scissors to cut​ out the family tree. This will make it⁤ easier to hang. ⁣You ‍can also add some embellishments to personalize it further.

And ⁢that’s it! You now have⁣ your own⁢ beautiful family tree wall art. You can ‍customize it any way you’d like. Have fun ⁣creating your⁢ own unique family tree ​and enjoy the joys of having your own⁣ personalized artwork to commemorate your family’s history.

2. Materials Needed for DIY Family Tree Wall‌ Art

Wall Decor

  • Wooden‍ Board
  • Green ‍Paint (or other tree-related color)
  • Clear Varnish
  • A‌ Disc Cutter or Other Tool to⁣ Cut the Shapes of the Branches
  • Small Drill ‌Bit to Make Holes for the Branches
  • Liquid ‌Nails Adhesive
  • Paintbrushes

Family ⁢Tree‌ Materials

  • Family Photos
  • Printed Photo Labels
  • Ribbons, Chords or Bakers Twine
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Decorative Clips (optional)
  • Small Wooden Tags

To create a beautiful DIY family tree wall art, you’ll need a range of DIY materials such as a‌ wooden board, green paint, a disc ​cutter, and liquid nails adhesive. ‍You’ll ​also need family photos, printed photo labels, ribbons, chants, bakers twine, mini clothespins, decorative clips, and small wooden tags for‍ the family ‍tree.‍ Once you have all ⁢the necessary materials, you can start creating your unique family tree.

3. Benefits of‍ DIY Wall Art Projects

1. Affordable: ⁤ DIY ‍wall‍ art projects can save you money. ‍By doing it yourself, ⁣you can find materials which are both⁤ of‌ great quality ​and budget friendly.
2. Personal: By creating your own wall art, you can ⁣ensure that you ⁣create⁢ something which ‌reflects your personality and the‌ values of your family.
3. Clutter-Free: A⁢ single wall art project ‍can often add more detail to a room than a dozen ⁢knick ​knacks. The combination‍ of family photographs⁢ with personal items such as⁢ inspirational quotes or ⁤nicknames adds ⁣a unique‌ touch ​to the room without the clutter​ of extra pieces.​
4. Collaborative: DIY wall art projects can become a great family activity. Take the time to create something ​together ⁣and let each ⁢family member add their own personal touch.
5. Flexible: DIY‍ wall art can ‍be designed‍ to‍ fit ​the ever-changing ⁤needs of your family. Have children? Create something that will grow with⁢ them as ‍their interests, hobbies, and favorite colors change over the years.

4. Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Family Tree Wall Art

1. ‌Gather ​Supplies:

This is the ‍first step in​ creating a unique ‍family tree wall piece. Gather all the supplies you’ll need: a poster‍ board, construction paper, a glue stick, a pencil, photographic⁣ prints, and a ​ruler.

2. Outline:

Once you have ⁣your supplies, lay⁣ out the ⁣poster‍ board and use a pencil⁣ to lightly‍ draw the outline of a‌ family tree. Start⁢ at the top with the ⁤current generation and draw each of⁣ the branches stemming from it. Don’t worry about details⁤ yet.

3. Design:

Once you have⁢ your outline complete, start adding the details. Glue on the‌ pieces of ⁢construction ⁣paper with the glue stick and layer the⁤ photographic prints of your family members ​on top.

4. Enhance:

To make your family tree wall⁣ art come alive, add a few finishing touches.‍ Use the ruler ⁤to trace ⁣thin lines to remind you of branches.‍ For each leaf filled branch, ​write one ⁤word that best describes the person or ⁢family.

5. Hang:

Your‍ wall art is now finished and ready to hang. ⁢Choose the best spot to proudly display your homemade family tree!

5.​ Ideas for Displaying Family Tree Wall Art

  • Vintage Photo ​Frames – ⁣Arrange black‌ and white photos of family members in vintage photo frames hung ​in a cascading, tree-like formation. With a bit of​ scouring ​at⁤ flea markets and antique stores, it’s easy to find beautiful, vintage frames. Add some ‘twinkle lights’ and ‘snow’ (glitter) to create the visually stunning family tree wall art.
  • Framed ⁤Memoirs ⁢- Collect mementos such ​as postcards, letters,⁤ and other memoirs from each family member and carefully frame them to create a unique ⁤wall⁣ art. Hang this wall art in a ​tree-like arrangement⁢ to create a special⁢ family legacy.
  • Burlap and Wood Frames – Combine​ burlap and natural wood to‍ create a beautiful family tree‌ wall art. Starting from​ the upper portion of the wall, trace and cut out the tree design with burlap. Glue or sew family-related mementos on the burlap and add family members’ ⁤names ⁢and dates‍ to the tree trunk made out of natural wood.
  • Family Tree Tapestry – Create a custom family tree⁣ tapestry using fabric and ribbon. Use brown, beige, and silver fabric to trace the design of the tree and cut them out. ⁢Sew them onto the frame and a clean white cloth. Use ribbons of different colors to showcase the leaves of the tree. Embroider each family ​member’s name onto the leaves.
  • Upcycling Crafting – Upcycle old books and other ⁢items to create a​ unique family tree ‌wall art. Trace⁤ the tree⁣ pattern⁤ onto the book⁤ page with crayon. Cut out‍ a silhouette of the ⁣tree and ‍glue the tree onto a sheet of board. Add old keys, trinkets, and branches to the ​tree. Polish everything off⁤ with spray paint for a vintage look.

6. Final Thoughts⁤ on ‌DIY Family Tree Wall Art

Creating ⁣a family tree wall art is a great ​way⁤ to express love and appreciation to your family, and it’s also an affordable ⁣and fun⁤ DIY project. By making this wall art yourself, you’re able to ‌customize it to your liking ⁤and be as creative as ⁤you want. Here are some ⁤final thoughts to keep in mind when⁤ creating a DIY family tree wall art.

  • Research: Doing some research before starting the project​ will help you create ⁤your wall ⁢art successfully. Take time to check out some family tree designs,⁣ colors, frames,⁤ and other ⁣ideas⁤ for inspiration.
  • Prepare the Frame: Preparing ‌your frame to accommodate the size of‍ the wall art you ‌want⁤ is key. Ensure your wall art’s size ⁤fits​ into ‌the frame and has enough backing ⁤for ⁤support.
  • Add Photos and Symbols:‌ Embellishing the artwork with⁣ photos⁣ and symbols is always a great way to add a personal touch​ to it. Consider including your family’s photos or special symbols ⁣that remind you of the family.
  • Hang and ​Enjoy; Finally, ‌when the family tree wall art is ‌complete, hang it proudly! Enjoy it and inspire ‍others with the beauty and ‍uniqueness of your⁣ DIY wall art. ⁤

These are just ​a few tips to follow when making family tree wall art.‍ With a little effort, creativity, and imagination, it’s ⁤possible to create wonderful wall art that you’ll cherish for years.

Making a family tree wall art is a great way‍ to‌ display your family heritage and ⁣history. Plus, it’s a⁤ fun and creative project that doesn’t require⁢ any artistic ‌ability. So go ​ahead and get started creating your own unique piece of family memorabilia!

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