Disney Mason Jar Countdown + Activity Ideas: Month of Disney Series

I’m excited to start of the Month of Disney Series Today! You can find more about the series Here.

We have a Disneyland trip planned later this year and I wanted a fun way for us to countdown. You can make your countdown for however many days you want. I chose to do a 20-day countdown!

You will need:

-Mason Jar & ring
-Red, Black and yellow paint
-Primer (I used gray)
-Paint brush
-Circle sponge
-Popsicle sticks

1. Prime your mason jar. I used gray primer. Let dry completely.
2. Paint your mason jar red and the ring yellow. This may take a few coats but allow to dry between each coat.

3. Paint polka dots onto the mason jar with your sponge.

4. Paint ears on each of the polka dots! I used a smaller circle for the ears. I didn’t have a sponge so I used a pen cap. get creative if you don’t have all the supplies! 😉
5. Paint Mickey mouse onto your popsicle sticks. We used 20 for a 20-day countdown but you can do as many as you like!
Here is our list of activities to countdown the days to our Disneyland trip:
(This is just a list I put together but you can surely add more to it!)Draw Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Learn the words to Mickey Mouse Club song!
Listen to Disney Music and dance!
Mickey Mouse Pancakes for breakfast
Gift-Souvenir Book.
Watch a youtube video about Disneyland! -just a sneak peak.. don’t give to much away! 😉
Visit the library and check out disney books.
Make Mickey Mouse cupcakes
Talk about what to do if they get lost
Play Toy Story Bingo
Trivia: What are the names of the mice in Cinderella? Watch Cinderella!
Sing Songs from Disney movies
Fly a kite (Mary Poppins)
Look at a Disney map online and talk about the parks.
Play hide the Mickey game. (like hot and cold game)
Color Disney Pictures
Pack your bags!
Watch your favorite Disney movie!
Look for bugs in the backyard or park (a bugs life)
Make Mickey Mouse Pizza for dinner!

Kids will have fun being able to pick a fun activity to do leading up to your trip!

I hope you join us tomorrow for another project in the Month of Disney Series!
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