DIY Bird Feeders: Fun Family Activity

Do you have a few extra materials lying around or older kids who need to be occupied? Then this activity is for you! DIY bird feeders ‍are a great activity to⁣ do with your family that brings some added benefits. In this article, you’ll learn how to make‍ bird feeders with simple and​ affordable materials and why it’s an enjoyable ⁢family‍ activity ⁣to⁢ do⁢ together.

1. What You Need to Make ⁣A ​DIY Bird Feeder

Gather the Materials

Making a DIY bird feeder ⁣doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need are a few supplies and a bit ​of creativity. Here’s​ what you’ll need to build your own feeder:

  • One wooden⁤ dowel
  • A nail or drill and screws
  • A​ piece​ of wood or plastic container with a lid
  • Birdseed
  • Sharp‍ utility knife or hand saw
  • A bit of wire
  • Hanging chain‍ or hanger

Assemble ​the Feeder

Once you have all the materials you need, the fun begins. Take your​ dowel and saw it into equal thirds.⁣ Make sure the pieces are long enough to be placed ⁤on either⁤ side of the lid and securely attached. Pre-drill some holes in the lid ​and affix them with nails or screws. Attach the bottom of the feeder to the lid with some ⁤wire, making sure it is securely‍ fastened. Secure⁤ a piece of chain ‍or ​a hang​ to the top of the dowel so your ⁢DIY feeder can be⁢ hung‍ outside.

Once everything is in ⁣place, it’s time to fill the feeder with bird seed. Give‍ your⁣ creation a few bounces to make sure all the pieces and secure and hang it outside. Now you can sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of a​ beautiful birds trying to get their breakfast.

2. Step-by Step Instructions for Making a ​Feeder

If you’re looking for a fun weekend activity to ⁣enjoy with ‍the family, why ⁣not get building​ a ⁢DIY bird feeder? With some⁤ basic materials ‍like plastic, wood and wire, you can create a‌ beautiful home for your​ feathered friends.

1.⁢ Collect your ‍Materials

  • Wood and wire (or plastic) for ⁤the frame.
  • Birdseed, dried⁢ fruits and nuts, suet, shredded paper and other‍ natural materials.
  • String and glue or adept, scissors, saw, drill and a hammer.

2. Assemble the Frame

  • Choose the materials ⁤for the frame according to​ your design.
  • Cut the wood and ⁢plastic⁤ pieces to size.
  • Put the pieces together and secure with ​wire, glue or nails.

3. ⁤Add Natural Materials

  • Stuff the feeder ⁤with birdseed and‌ other natural materials.
  • Secure the birdseed in the feeder creating holes⁣ in​ the container with a drill, saw or⁤ hammer ​and⁣ nails.
  • Hang the feeder​ in ⁤a safe place ⁣offering protection to‌ the birds.

4. Refill the Feeder

  • Check the feeder regularly⁤ and refill with supplies.
  • Bring the kids out to watch​ and ‍count the birds.
  • Enjoy learning about nature and bird watching.

3. Benefits of Making a Feeder ‌with Your Family

Making a bird feeder is a ⁤great activity to do with your family, as it is ‌fun and provides many educational⁤ and social benefits. It’s a unique and creative way to nurture an appreciation for the natural worl, explore new skills, and build strong ‌relationships. Here are​ three key benefits of making a bird feeder with your ‌family:

  • Empowers Creative Thinking: Crafting a bird feeder encourages creative problem-solving thinking in⁤ your children. ⁢Involving your entire family also helps to⁣ break down complex tasks into achievable steps, teaching each family member⁤ the principles of⁣ planning and design.
  • Builds ⁢Character: Working together to⁣ finish a project brings a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, which helps to grow an individual’s inner strength and confidence. In‍ addition, parents can demonstrate to their children‍ the value of working before play, the importance of patience, and emphasizing on the journey and not just the end goal.
  • Promotes Bonding: DIY activities are a great way to spend quality time with your family. Whether it’s sharing stories, following instructions, asking questions, ​or enjoying the final product, creating ⁢a bird ​feeder with your family strengthens trust and⁤ grows bonds.

Conclusion: Making a bird feeder with ⁣your family can be great fun and allows everyone to ​learn, gain confidence and strengthen relationships. ⁣So,​ get creative‍ and give it a try!

4. Attracting Different Kinds of Birds to Your Feeder

Get Creative⁣ with DIY Bird Feeders

  • Get the family involved by making DIY bird feeders to ⁤attract different kinds⁤ of birds to your yard.
  • Pick‍ your favorite materials; get creative with ⁤cereal⁣ boxes, scrap wood, or cut wine bottles.
  • There are plenty of online tutorials to help you get started.

Once you’ve gathered the materials, sit down with the⁤ family ‍and start crafting. Let each​ family ⁣member take charge of a different part of the process, as it’s a great way to bond while creating something ​together. For example, one person could create the base structure of the feeder, while another‍ person could⁢ decorate or paint it and a​ third person could help fill it with bird food.

You can ⁣also ⁣customize the‌ feeders to attract different kinds of ​birds. Different types of birds ‍require different kinds of bird feeders and feed — ⁢so make sure​ you ‌research what ⁤types of birds you’d⁣ like to attract before you start to ⁢craft and fill the feeder.

For a fun twist, try to make a hanging feeder⁣ out of an old birdhouse. This type of feeder offers a more intimate ‌bird watching experience, ⁣as the birds will be ⁤in closer proximity⁣ when they stop ⁢by ⁣for a meal.

5. Tips‌ for Making Bird Feeders Durable and Long-Lasting

No matter how much fun you have ‍crafting a bird feeder with your family, you want it to last as long as possible. Here are 5 :

  • Choose the ⁣Right Materials ⁤ – Using⁢ the appropriate materials for the job is key to ​making relevant feeder parts. ⁣Outdoor-grade supplies like stained wood, acrylic paint, and galvanized screw hinges will help your feeder last outdoors.
  • Pre-Treat the Wood ⁢– To further ensure that ⁣your⁤ feeder⁢ will weather the elements, pre-treat ⁣the wood with a wood preservative before construction.
  • Design ​an Airtight Construction ⁤– You’ll want to keep ‍water leakage ⁢out of mind when⁤ crafting your feeder. Make sure each ‌critical junction is caulked and sealed for an airtight construction.
  • Tighten Nuts and Bolts – To ⁢keep the ​feeder from becoming disjointed over ‌time, be sure to keep ⁢all screws and nuts tight with wrenches or ⁣a drill.
  • Inspect for Weaknesses Regularly – Once your feeder is built, check for any injuries or changes ⁣in its⁢ condition regularly. ‍If certain parts need replacement, drill them in as⁢ soon ⁣as possible.

With these simple tips, you can ensure your DIY bird feeder ⁢is not only a fun, family project, but⁣ also a long-lasting one.

6. Ways to Have Fun with Bird Feeders Year-Round

Bird watching is an exciting and rewarding‍ activity that your family can enjoy year-round. With a few simple supplies,⁣ you can create a ⁤backyard habitat for birds to flock to⁤ you, which can be a fun and educational experience for all. Here’s a list of ways to make your own​ DIY bird feeders and have fun with bird feeders all year round:

  • Building a Bird House ‌ – Bird houses⁢ are a great and ‍fun way ⁣to attract birds‌ to your backyard. ⁢Starting with a basic cardboard house, ‍you can decorate and paint it as ‍you choose. ⁤Wood scraps ‌and pieces of ​twine or ⁤yarn can ‍be used to add color and‍ design and make a unique‌ and special home for your backyard birds.
  • Bungee Bird Feeder – ⁤You can make a super simple bird‍ feeder out of a toy‌ bungee cord and dowel! Simply attach⁤ the bungee to the dowel in​ the center⁤ and attach a paper plate or cup to the⁤ end. Fill‌ with ⁢bird seed‍ and hang it ⁣in the tree‍ for a cute and easy way to feed​ the ⁢birds.
  • Mason Jar Bird Feeder – Have an old mason jar? Put it ⁤to ​good use and make your own bird feeder with a few simple supplies! Fill the jar ⁤with birdseed and attach to the tree branch or ⁤garden stake using wire or⁣ twine.⁣ Insert a dowel in the jar lid ⁣and ​drill a few‌ holes‌ in the top for the birds ‌to perch. ⁢
  • Styrofoam Cup‍ Feeder – Turn an ordinary Styrofoam cup into a⁣ bird feeder with a few ⁤simple steps.‌ Cut a small hole in ⁣the cup ‍and thread some twine through it, using a glue gun to secure the twine. Fill the cup with birdseed and hang ‌your⁤ feeder anywhere in​ the backyard.

These‌ are just a few fun and⁢ easy activities for making your own DIY bird⁢ feeders. With a little creativity and ⁢supplies around the house, you can create ⁣a fun and inviting⁤ space for birds to visit your backyard and enjoy‌ your family’s company.

Insights and⁢ Conclusions

Creating your own DIY bird⁤ feeder not only ⁢can help attract birds, but also can be‍ a fun and enjoyable activity for your whole⁣ family.‍ With just a few supplies from your local grocery store, you can sit back and amaze your ‍friends and family as ⁣the birds ​flock to your one-of-a-kind project. So go out and​ start⁣ giving your feathered friends something⁢ to sing ⁢about!

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