Diy Chalkboard Storage Bins

I can’t believe it is already August! Didn’t Summer just start?! I always get in a cleaning/organization mode in the Spring and at the end of the Summer. It just helps me get eveything ready for the next season- fall & then Christmas time! My son’s toys needed to organized better- So how about some chalkboard storage bins to help keep the mess contained!


We’ve all seen these Sterilite Plastic Bins, right? They are perfect for keeping things organized but not very pretty to look at. We bought some when we first got married and now 6 years later..,we finally have grown up furniture! We put them in my sons’s room for a few months, and when my daughter started to crawl guess where she would go? To the drawers! They aren’t very heavy and I was worried about them falling on her, so they had to go. Not wanting to be wasteful, we decided to put the drawers to good use! Under his bed to hold toys. and it has worked out perfectly!

What you will need:
//Plastic Bins
//Chalkboard Paint & Primer (I used krylon brand)
//Paint brush

1. Clean area on the bin that you will be painting and then dry. You want this area to be nice and clean before you prime. Paint primer onto bin and let dry.

2. Decide if you want to paint the whole front of the bin or not. I decided to leave the top part the way it is.

3. Paint chalkboard paint onto bin and let dry between each coat. Follow the instructions on whatever paint you are using. This picture is between coats and it took a few coats to completely cover the whole bin. Let bins dry completely overnight.

4. Organize! We have a billion puzzles and legos so all of our bigger sets go in the bins. Its nice to just have the kids pick them up and put into bins themselves then to try and organize them into individual bags. They also can draw on the chalkboard if they choose!

I know these aren’t as pretty as wooden drawers, but I’ve learned to work with what I have. And honestly..when they are under the bed, you can’t even tell they are plastic! You could also store shoes or even clothes. Very versatile..which is what I like.

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