DIY Coffee Table with Storage: A How-To Guide!


Coffee tables are a great way⁣ to add some extra storage to your living space in a stylish and affordable way. With a few materials and a DIY spirit,⁣ you can easily create your own beautiful coffee table with storage – perfect for‍ any home. In this guide, you’ll learn how you can turn an ordinary coffee ​table into a great ‍piece of storage furniture with some easy-to-follow steps. So let’s get started!

1. Why Have a DIY Coffee Table with Storage?

Coffee tables are a staple in many living rooms, bringing a little‌ extra surface space and aesthetic to the⁢ design of the room,⁤ but what if you want something more?‍ A DIY coffee table with storage⁤ is the perfect way to get the most out of your coffee table; with a little hard ⁤work and some craft supplies, you can create a beautiful, functional piece that adds practical storage to ⁤your living space.

These are some great ⁤benefits of having a DIY‌ coffee table⁣ with storage in your home:

  • Extra Surface Space: Many people feel like they don’t have enough surface area ‌in their living space, but with a coffee⁣ table⁣ with extra storage, you can easily increase the amount of place you have to store ⁣items.
  • Unique Design: A DIY ​coffee table ⁢with storage is the perfect opportunity​ to get creative and make ‍a custom piece that fits perfectly into​ your ⁤living room. You can choose the ⁣design that best fits your style and space, plus you will know that your coffee table is one-of-a-kind!
  • Multifunctional: Having a coffee table that also doubles as a storage space is incredibly practical. Not only will you get ‌the most out of your space but you can also keep ‍your living room looking neat and tidy at ⁢all‌ times.

Creating ‍a DIY coffee table with storage is an ​easy and affordable way to get‌ functional, stylish storage ⁤in your home. With some⁤ materials, supplies, and​ a bit of elbow grease, you can create your own unique storage divided coffee table that is perfect for your space.

2. Gather the Materials You Need

You don’t need a lot⁣ of items ‌to recreate this stylish coffee table with storage. Here’s the list of materials you’ll need:

  • 1. An old wooden table
  • 2. 4 set ⁣of casters
  • 3. Sandpaper
  • 4. Primer
  • 5. Paint
  • 6. Polyurethane ​finish
  • 7. Shelf brackets
  • 8. Plywood

You’ll also‍ need‌ some ⁤basic tools, such as a drill, saw, ‌screws, and clamps.

If you don’t have ⁢an old wooden table at hand, try to find one‌ at‍ flea markets or secondhand stores. ⁣Make sure it⁣ has a sturdy base, it doesn’t wobble and ⁤fits the design you’re going for.

For a ‍truly one-of-a-kind table, you can replace the casters‌ with rolling⁢ furniture legs. If ‌you choose this option, you’ll definitely need the drill to attach them to your chosen base.

3. Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Gather the necessary materials: To build⁢ a coffee table with storage, you ⁢will need a saw, screws, wood glue, ⁣a ​drill bit, screwdriver, large ⁢wooden board and small wooden boards for drawers or cupboards.​
  • Measure and​ cut the boards: Measure the space where you plan to install the coffee​ table. Cut the⁤ large wooden board according to the measured size and the remaining for the drawers or cupboards.
  • Build the ⁤frame: Place the boards on‍ the ground and form the frame of the coffee table and secure it with screws. ⁢Attach the ⁣two boards that will serve as the base to the legs of the coffee table.
  • Install the drawers or⁤ cupboards: Secure the drawers or cupboards with screws and wood glue. Make sure to leave enough space between them.
  • Secure the top: Attach the large top of the table with screws, and again make sure to leave enough space between ⁤them.
  • Sand and paint: Sand the entire structure of the coffee table​ and paint it in your desired color. ⁣
  • The⁣ final ​step: Install the table in⁤ the desired spot and enjoy your DIY ​coffee table ⁣with storage!

4. Styling Your DIY Coffee⁤ Table

We all need a few multifunctional pieces to keep our living spaces organized, and this DIY coffee⁤ table with storage ticks all the boxes. Keep on reading for step-by-step instructions to build and style this beautiful piece!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Casper Coffee Table
  • White Satin Latex Paint
  • Wood‍ Stain
  • Goggles and Safety Gloves
  • Paint Brushes and Sandpaper

Step ‍2: Prepping the Table

Use sandpaper to gently smooth out any⁤ splinters or rough patches on the surface of the table. Make ⁤sure⁢ you’re wearing goggles and gloves for safety while ⁤doing this! When you’re done, wipe it ‌down with a damp cloth to eliminate ⁢any dust residue.

Step 3: Paint or Stain the Table

Now that your table is smooth and clean, it’s time to apply some paint or stain to it.⁢ If using paint, ​make sure all⁤ coats are dry before applying the next one.⁤ If you’re opting for the staining ‌route, ensure each coat is completely dry ⁤and free of residue before applying the next one.

Step 4: Seal It Up

For⁣ a ​neat, finished look, use a sealant‍ of your choice to protect the paint or⁤ stain work you’ve⁤ just completed. This will ⁤also give it some extra shine​ if you’re going ⁣for that effect.

Step 5: Show It ‌Off

And there ⁣you have it, a ⁣stylish DIY coffee table with ‍plenty of storage. Show off your masterpiece and enjoy your very own, uniquely customized coffee table!

5. Tips for Making ‌the Most Out⁤ of Storage Space

1. Measure Your Space – Measure ‍the area that you want to use for your coffee table with storage.​ Knowing the dimensions⁤ is essential for determining the size and‌ shape of your ​table. Keep in mind that a larger table may overlap with other furniture ​or become an ​obstacle to navigate around in a small room.

2. Choose Table Bases – Choose two bases for your coffee table. You can use plastic tables, wooden crates, plastic crates, or‍ any other type of item you think ‌you’d like to use. Break down furniture and use the legs from ​tables‍ or dressers, or repurpose another item.

3. Create a Tabletop – Once you’ve chosen the base of your table, create a tabletop. It can be made out of wood, foam board, glass, or anything else that is light enough to‍ rest comfortably atop the base. After crafting the tabletop, attach it​ to the‌ base. Put screws through the base⁣ and into the tabletop for an extra-secure​ fastening.

4. Pick Storage Containers – Now it’s time to choose the containers for your coffee table storage.‌ Baskets, plastic tubs, crates, wicker containers, and woven bowls are all great‌ options. To save space, choose containers that fit tightly beneath the tabletop. Consider different sizes to accommodate various items.

5. Enjoy‍ Your Newly Crafted ⁢Table – Once your⁢ table has been assembled,‍ your DIY coffee table with storage​ is complete! ⁤Utilize the containers to store items like magazines, ‌books, toys, or blankets. Creating furniture is a great way to save money and add a personal touch to ‍the décor of your home.

6. Final Considerations

  • Plan Ahead – You don’t want ⁤to buy supplies you don’t need or ​that won’t fit your space. Measure twice, cut once!
  • Choose the Right Material – You’ll ​need plywood that can handle being sanded and⁤ stained. If you’re looking for something that looks fancier, try an engineered wood.
  • Plan to Recycle or Reuse – Make sure that any excess ​materials⁣ get recycled at your local waste and recycling‌ center or ⁤donated to a charity that accepts ‌furniture donations.

Also, think about the design aesthetics you’re looking for. Adding texture,⁣ color, and visual complexity can bring you coffee⁤ table to the next level. Include unique elements that are meaningful to you, while still staying ‍within your budget.

Next, consider creating a specific plan for storage. There are ⁣many ⁤functional possibilities. Containers and ⁣drawers can be built ​in, or you can make space for baskets. Think through‍ the different ⁣ways to store​ books, magazines, remotes, etc. without compromising the design or taking away from your table’s ⁢unique look.

Finally,​ store any excess supplies in case of ‌any future adjustments you might​ want⁢ to make. You​ may need the extra supplies ​for touch-ups or if a particular part needs to be ‍replaced. ⁤Start each project with a​ note of what supplies were used so you’ll know what you’re‍ missing when you start your DIY projects. To make your own DIY coffee table with storage, you just need a few affordable supplies and some patience. ‍Plus, it makes for a fun afternoon activity. If you’ve already completed this project, send us ​photos of your end product – we’d ‍love to see it!

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