DIY Family Memory Jars: Fun Activity for the Whole Family

Memories ​are invaluable, and ⁤one⁤ of​ the⁣ best ways to‍ capture them is by making a family memory jar! This is a fun activity for the whole family ‌to enjoy and the best part is that you can ‍even work together⁢ to make your​ own memory jar. Not only is it a fun activity for families to bond ⁣and share​ stories together, but it also brings back some precious memories and can ⁢easily be made with items that you already ‍have around your house. Read on ⁤to find out how to make a DIY family memory jar.

1. Why Create a DIY‌ Family Memory Jar?

Creating a DIY family memory ‌jar⁢ can be a‍ fun activity for the whole family ‌to enjoy together. Here are some reasons why you should consider making one:

  • Preserve Memories and Special Occasions: Recording memories ‌and ⁤special occasions in the jar serves ​as a reminder ⁢of the great‌ times your family has ⁣shared, making it easier to fondly recollect them in the future.
  • Build Stronger Family Bonds: Creating a memory jar​ together gives your family an opportunity‌ to spend more time together and ⁣build stronger connections.
  • Keepsake to Share: The⁤ memory jar can be kept for many years to come and shared with generations to come.
  • Builds Teamwork: Crafting a memory jar with‍ your family is​ a great⁣ way to encourage cooperation and teamwork.
  • Great Conversation Starter: Sharing experiences from the past that have been stored⁢ in ​the memory⁢ jar is a great​ way to⁤ spark interesting conversations.

Creating a DIY Family memory ​jar is an easy⁤ project and⁤ cost-efficient way to‍ capture special moments, build strong family ​bonds and ensure that memories made together last forever.

2. Gather Supplies‍ for Your Memory Jar

Creating a family ⁤memory jar is a great way to enjoy ⁣quality time with your⁣ family, and make lasting memories. It’s‌ also a fun and meaningful activity enjoyed by children, adults and seniors of all ages. Even ‍better, it’s an inexpensive project that you can easily complete with a few simple supplies.

As the main project component, you’ll need to source one or⁣ more glass mason jars or other glass jars in sizes of your choice. They’ll serve as the vessels for collecting the items you create or collect together for your family memory jar. Other key supplies that you’ll likely need for the project‍ include:

  • Decorative materials for adorning the jar, such⁤ as tissue paper, paint, ribbons, etc.
  • Recycled materials, like craft ​paper, fabric scraps, old photos or postcards.
  • Writing materials for recording memories, such as pens, pencils and markers.
  • Miscellaneous items, such⁤ as mini figurines, coins, tokens, ⁤souvenirs, pebbles, sand, etc.

These are just‌ some of ‌the basic supplies that you’ll likely want to have⁤ on hand ‍to complete your family memory jar. Be sure to think through the project ahead of time and make sure you have everything you need for the activity.

3. Decorating Ideas for‍ Your Memory Jar

Finding‌ Decoration Materials:

A memory jar can be given a unique ‌look by using various materials for decoration. Search your house for materials such ​as ribbons, fabric ​scraps, old​ pictures, and magazine cutouts. You could also visit craft stores for buttons, ribbons, and other colorful decorations.

Adding Colorful Details:

  • You can paint the outside ‌of your jar with acrylic paints to brighten up its appearance.
  • Choose a theme for your jar’s decorations and find items that follow the color scheme.
  • Glue ⁢bits of fabric, lace, ⁤and fabrics around the‍ lid of the‌ jar for an interesting design.
  • Use⁢ yarn or ‌ribbons as a base and ‍layer buttons, beads, and other‍ trinkets to‌ create interesting patterns.


The technique of decoupage is an easy way to ⁣decorate your jar with patterns and images. Use colorful ‌magazine⁤ cutouts, stamps,‍ stickers, ⁢and tissue paper designs. Glue each piece of the cutouts to the jar with decoupage glue to give your memory jar a unique​ look. Let the glue dry ⁣for some time before displaying ⁢it.

4. What to Include in Your ‍Memory Jar

Creating a memory jar is ⁤a fun and addicting ​activity⁣ for the entire family. ​It’s a wonderful way to document beautiful moments that can be⁢ revisited in the future. Whether you’re creating ​a jar just for your family or giving ⁤it as gift to someone else, the memories contained in it will‍ be cherished forever. Here’s :

  • Photos – Include your photos from cherished ‌memories,⁣ be ⁤it a beach holiday or a ​dinner with friends.‍ It’s‌ a nice to be able to relive moments every now⁢ and then through these‍ photographs.
  • Tickets – Include ⁤ticket ‌stubs from events such as theatre, movies and concerts. These can easily be tucked into ⁢the jar and remind you of ⁢enjoyable times.
  • Notes – Notes of appreciation and love can easily be handwritten and placed in the jar. If you write down ⁢moments of joy and gratitude, it’ll bring a⁣ smile to your face every time the ⁣jar⁢ is opened.
  • Mementos – ​You can include small mementos and trinkets from loved ones that you enjoyed spending time with. From a movie ticket to a shell from a beach trip, these can all be put into the jar⁢ and hold a special place in your memory.
  • Letters – ​ Writing letters to one another is an intimate way of expressing ‌feelings and ⁣memories. Include your heartfelt written conversations and store them⁤ in the ‌jar for safe keeping.

Don’t forget to pick an aesthetically pleasing ⁢jar and give ‍it a beautiful display. It’s amazing to ⁣relive moments and share ‍those memories with family and friends.

5. Examples of Memory Jars around the World

Creating family memory jars can be an entertaining activity​ your whole family can enjoy.‌ As an additional bonus, these jars can also be⁤ a⁣ great way to ⁣display and remember special occasions ‍in ‌your own home.‌ Here are five :

  • England: Families in ​England‍ fill their memory jars with clay hearts‍ inscribed with special words and messages. Each jar is topped with a hand-painted lid.
  • India: Families in India use bright, patterned fabric to ‍decorate their memory jars. On the‌ inside, they fill the jars ⁢with ​photos of special moments, and a secret item that ‌unlocks the ⁣memories contained within.
  • China: Families in China ⁢adorn their memory jars with intricately designed papercuttings. Inside, the jars are‌ filled with fabric pieces sewn and dyed to recall memories of places and people.
  • Africa: Memory jars in Africa are ⁢decorated⁣ with wood carvings and traditional symbols. Inside, families place items that tell stories of‍ their ancestors.
  • Australia: ⁣Memory jars in Australia are often covered with Aboriginal artwork. Along with Junee ⁢shells ​and other mementos, many families also ⁣include a paper note written to preserve their particular family’s history.

For the creative family, making a memory jar can be an inexpensive way to ​fill the house with memories of events​ and experiences from the past. Hopefully some of ⁤these examples have given⁢ new ideas for how memory jars around the ​world can be personalized and decorated.

6. Making the Most of⁤ Your Family Memory Jar

Creating ‌a DIY family memory ‌jar is ⁤a fun and easy activity the whole family can do ⁣together. Here are 6 simple steps for :

  • Brainstorm Ideas: ‍ Gather ⁤as⁤ a⁣ family and brainstorm⁢ ideas for ⁤memories to collect and⁢ store in the family memory jar. These can include family vacations, silly moments, nights out, handmade cards, special‌ achievements ― anything that evokes ​happy memories with loved ones.
  • Choose a Mason Jar: Decide ‌on the perfect mason jar to ⁤hold all your family⁣ memories. Shop locally for cute adornments like ribbons, shoe strings and charms to decorate the jar.
  • Gather Supplies: Collect all the necessary supplies like construction paper, markers, pens, glitter glue ⁢etc. to make timeless keepsakes for the memory jar.
  • Make Memories: Get creative with craft time and savor the moment together as a family. ⁣From fingerprint trees ⁣and ⁢heartfelt love letters to scrapbook​ collages ⁢and cute drawings, you’ll capture fun family moments in style.‌
  • Preserve Memories: ⁢ To preserve your⁤ memories, keep them somewhere dry and safe. Place all your items inside the jar for permanent storage.
  • Celebrate Milestones: As your memory jar continues to assemble more memories, celebrate its growth with⁣ special rituals. Cuddle up on ​the couch and read sweet ‍memories together or on special⁣ occasions like birthdays and ‍anniversaries, pass ‌around the jar and share your favorite memories from past years.

Creating a family‌ memory jar is a wonderful way to come ‌together as a⁤ family,​ make ​heartwarming ‌memories, preserve those memories for posterity ⁢and celebrate moments of joy.

Closing Remarks

The memories created by building your DIY family memory jar ⁤are sure to​ become another cherished part of your family’s journey. If your ‌family doesn’t already engage⁣ in making and sharing memories together, give this ⁤creative activity a​ try! If ​you do, you ⁢can ⁤look ​forward to ‍celebrating and ⁤reflecting on each family⁣ milestone in years to come.

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