DIY Family Movie Night: Popcorn Boxes and Tickets

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Are ​you looking for a fun family activity?‌ Why not plan a movie night? Not only is movie night a great ⁢way to bond with ‌the family, it can also be made even ‌more ⁣special with some DIY touches like popcorn ‌boxes and tickets! With ‌this‌ article,⁢ we’ll explain what ingredients ⁣you need to⁣ make your family movie night extra special. ⁢So, read on ‍to get some creative⁣ ideas ⁤you can implement!

1. Setting the⁣ Scene for an Impromptu​ Movie Night

An impromptu⁤ movie night ​is the perfect way to ⁣bring the family together⁤ for fun ​and ⁢relaxation. ⁣Take a trip to⁣ the movies without leaving the house with these simple ideas for making​ your own popcorn boxes and tickets.

Popcorn Boxes

  • Collect ‍materials: card,‍ scissors, glue and colourful card or⁢ stickers ⁤for decoration.
  • Cut out the ‍card into⁤ a ‍cube⁢ shape twice ​the size of a regular popcorn box.
  • Use glue to stick over the​ top flap to turn the cube into a box.
  • Decorate​ each side‌ of the box, including with ​personalised family names.
  • Fill the box⁣ with ‍your favourite‌ movie night snacks.


  • Cut out a ticket shape from card.
  • Personalise ​with‍ the family name and movie ⁣night details.
  • Decorate with glitter, stickers, ⁤and ⁣any other creative additions.
  • Use ⁢to punch‍ each member of‌ the family in or have each family⁢ member collect⁤ their​ own.

Now it’s time to put on your‌ favourite movie, settle‌ in and enjoy ​your ⁤family movie night!

2. Crafting Custom Popcorn Boxes

If you’re‌ looking⁢ to give your family movie⁢ night a​ unique touch, there is no⁤ better place to start than with popcorn boxes. Popcorn boxes are an iconic part of movie nights,​ and they can be customized to add a personal flair to your event. ⁢Here are⁢ some ⁢suggestions⁢ to ‌get you started:

  • Colors: Select a few colors that will tie into the theme of your movie night. For example, if your‍ family is watching an action-packed adventure, you could⁢ use red ⁢and ​yellow to‍ add some excitement.
  • Size: ‌It’s important⁤ to select ⁣the right size popcorn ​box for the event size. ⁢If ‍your ​family is planning on watching a‍ movie with a large group, ⁣opt for a larger ⁣size popcorn box to ensure everyone has enough.
  • Design: Get creative and add⁤ your own personal touches to the design of your popcorn box. You can draw inspiration ⁣from your favorite movie characters or ‍add‍ your own decorations for ​a ⁣unique ⁢take⁣ on the popcorn box.
  • Tickets: Once you’ve​ settled on a design ‌for your⁣ popcorn boxes, don’t forget ⁤about ⁣the tickets! Creating customized tickets ‌can be a fun ⁤activity for the ‌whole‌ family and is a great way to personalize your movie night experience.

Whether you⁢ decide to go with a classic style popcorn box or create your own design, popcorn ​boxes are ‌a​ great way to add‌ a personal touch to your family movie night. With ⁤these tips, you’ll have the⁣ perfect popcorn boxes that everyone ⁤can enjoy.

3. DIY Movie Night Tickets

Making Tickets

For a⁤ movie ticket-inspired look, print out a ticket-shaped page with ‍two tickets ⁤per page ‍and fill in your ‍family’s names in place of the “guest” and “admit one” lines. Or, ‍use ​tags as the tickets, or‌ a combination of the​ two!

Really Going the Extra​ Mile

If you want to ​go full-ticket booth, provide⁤ a vintage-looking ticket book and wood ⁢pencils ⁣for each guest. ⁣Assemble the ticket booth by⁣ using some newspaper {or other recycled paper/programming/catalogs} ​and black​ paper ‌to make a miniature entryway. Complete the​ look with a cash register, ‌a flashlight to check for counterfeited tickets, a slate with ​the movie title, and⁣ a few‌ snacks and beverages within reach.

Hit the Movies!

Have everyone present their ticket before being accompanied to their seat​ and⁤ provided with​ a ​bathroom pass, of ​course!‌ After⁤ the ⁣movie, ⁣the⁤ ticket⁢ booth⁤ can be folded back up and ⁣the‌ cash register filled with its next batch⁣ of tickets for a​ different kind⁢ of movie night.

Bonus Idea:

  • Create a‌ special​ popcorn box for‌ each theater-goer
  • Buy or rent ‍a projector and screen
  • Invite a few friends‍ to join the night!

4. Movie Themes to⁤ Make Your Night Pop

If⁢ you’re‍ planning⁤ a family movie night and want‌ to make ⁣it special,‍ here ​are some ideas‌ that you can use to make it truly one-of-a-kind:

  • Create Popcorn Boxes ‌- Get the ⁣whole family involved with some arts⁢ and ⁢crafts – grab a box of‍ your favorite⁤ popcorn and ​make it a family affair to design⁣ the popcorn⁤ boxes! It’s easy, fun and​ fun to personalize and decorate depending ‌on the theme of the movie you’re watching.
  • Make Tickets – Turn ‌the night into⁣ a mini event and add some‌ fun by printing‌ out your own movie tickets! Use the ⁣same theme as the popcorn boxes and personalize so each family ​member has a unique ticket. Pro Tip: Let the kids have some fun by decorating ⁢their own tickets and turn it into individual art⁢ projects!

These two easy ideas make family movie night ‌a truly memorable experience that you can enjoy ‍as a family – plus, all the popcorn and tickets look great as decorations! Get creative and have fun with it – there are tons of⁢ options ‍to‍ make⁣ movie night the perfect escape.

5. ⁢Creating an At-Home‌ Snack Bar

To create ⁢some extra movie night fun for ​the whole‍ family, set up an at-home snack bar. Offer popcorn boxes and movie tickets as a “concessions stand.” ⁢Store-bought popcorn boxes with bows ⁤will contribute to ⁢the big-screen feel, but you can also make your own⁢ with crafty treats.

  • Crafty Popcorn Boxes: Use⁣ paint or markers to⁢ decorate small cardboard ​boxes, ⁤or buy them in advance. Fill ⁤the boxes with‍ popcorn,⁢ candy and other snacks.
  • Movie Tickets: Cut construction paper into tickets.​ Attach‍ them to⁢ lollipops or wrappers of candy with paperclips or tape.

Floating a large white sheet in front of a projector can help emulate the movie ‌theatre feel. Provide blankets, pillows, and other comfy snacks.

Supply​ a bowl of all the snacks you’d find at a theatre, such⁤ as popcorn, candy, chips, nuts⁣ and other treats. Kids can make their own snack mix to bring in front ‌of the “screen!”

6. Organizing Your Movie Night Essentials

Organizing ‍the essentials for ‌a movie night at home will make your family’s favorite‍ flicks even ⁤more special! Here are some creative and easy ideas to spruce up your family movie night.

Popcorn Boxes – Making your own popcorn boxes at the beginning of the night is a fun way⁢ to get ‍the kids excited about what’s to​ come! All you need is some colorful construction paper, tape, ⁤scissors ‌and⁤ markers. ⁢Kids⁤ can create their own designs or use templates‍ you find online, the options are endless. Be sure to have a few boxes on hand for‌ anyone wanting to munch during the movie.

Tickets – To elevate‌ the​ movie ⁢night experience, surprise your guests with tickets they can⁣ keep as a souvenir. With a ticket they can enter the living room and ⁤pick their favorite seat. Plus, tickets can ​easily⁢ be printed online or handmade with craft supplies.​ For ​a base, use any kind of​ card ⁣stock.⁤ Then, you can add ​designs ⁣like movie quotes or popcorn to the tickets to amp up the fun!

DIY Family Movie Night is a great way ​to relax and have fun with ⁢the family.⁣ From popcorn boxes⁢ and ⁣tickets⁢ to snacks and drinks, there⁢ are many creative ways to‍ make it​ special for ⁤everyone to enjoy.‌ So cuddle up, get comfy, and enjoy your ⁣own‌ DIY⁣ Family Movie ⁢Night!

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