DIY Kids’ Room Decor: Simple and Fun Ideas

Are you looking to give your‌ children’s room a fun and creative makeover without spending too much time and money? DIY Kids’ Room Decor ​is the‌ perfect solution for you! From budget-friendly wall art to adorable little knick-knacks and playful furniture pieces, there are plenty of simple and fun ideas to make your child’s ‌room look and feel special. In this article, we will explore some of the best ⁢DIY Kids’ Room Decor ideas, so you can⁣ get started on transforming your kid’s space.

1. Creating a Fun Environment for Your Kids’ Room

When it ​comes to creating an enjoyable environment for kids, the ‌first place to focus on is their bedroom. As⁤ such,⁢ here are a few simple yet fun ideas⁢ for do-it-yourself (DIY) kids’ room décor:

  • Stick-on stars: Create a starry sky on the ceiling or walls of your kids’ bedroom by painting on or stick on stars. You can easily find star-shaped decals in various sizes and colors for⁤ a fun and ⁣whimsical look.
  • Wallpaper: Add a bit of personality to the room with temporary wallpaper. Choose from classic patterns, bright colors, and fun ‌designs. It’s a great way to add a touch of flair to the ​space.
  • Wall Art: Get your‌ kids involved in creating their own wall art. Have them draw or paint ⁣their favorite ‍characters ⁢or ⁤scenes. Frame ⁢the finished pieces and hang them‍ up to create​ a vibrant ‍and unique look.
  • Upcycled Items: Hunt through thrift stores and ​flea markets for vintage items, ⁣like wooden crates and⁣ picture frames,⁣ which can be upcycled⁣ to create fun and interesting décor for the room. Paint them to your desired colors and add a⁢ bit of charm‌ to the room.
  • Furniture: Add⁢ some fun ⁢pieces of furniture to the room. For example, ⁤a mini-swing, a cozy beanbag chair, or a teepee tent. These items will surely add a sense of fun and whimsy to the room.

With these DIY kids’ room décor ideas, you can⁤ easily create a fun and exciting space for​ your kids. Have fun and be creative!

2. Low Cost DIY⁤ Ideas ‍for Kids’ Room Decor

Kids’ room decor can be⁤ a fun way to get ⁣them excited about‍ their own space. There is no need for​ expensive store-bought pieces; with a ⁢little imagination⁤ and craftiness, you ⁣can spruce up ‌their bedroom with great DIY decorations. Here are some low cost but fun ideas for⁢ DIY kids’ room decor:

  • Wall Collages. Fill up the‌ walls with posters, photos, and prints from places they have been and‌ things they love. Use frames to mix up the look and collage the best and most meaningful ones.
  • Hanging Decorations. You can make hanging decorations out of anything craft-able; use pom-poms, felt shapes, paper links, ribbons, ⁢and ⁣more. Hang these decorations near ‍their bed or in the⁤ corner for a touch of color and fun!

Cushions and Pillows are an easy​ and great way to decorate. Find colorful and patterned pillows and cushions and‌ place​ them around the​ room for some extra⁤ comfort​ and​ personality. If you know how‌ to sew, creating sew-able DIY projects ⁤such as cushion covers ‍can light ⁢up the room with fun colors.

  • Wall Paintings. If your child is creative, use wall paints​ to let them ​express their feelings with unique art pieces. Show them some spray paint techniques⁤ and they can ‍draw ‍on the walls or create abstract art. It is best to do it in two or three colors ​for a sophisticated and stylish look.
  • DIY Toys and Displays. Kids need toys to keep ‌them busy. Let them help‍ you create DIY toys that they can keep ⁢in their bedroom and⁤ admire.​ This can be a very creative and⁣ fun project that brings the whole family ​together. Make dollhouses, action figures, puppets, and cardboard dinosaurs.

These are just ⁢some ideas for‍ low-cost DIY kids’ room decor. The possibilities​ are endless when it comes ​to decorating a child’s bedroom. Get creative, ask your ​kids for their input, and you can make the most affordable and incredible-looking room that will bring⁢ lots of joy and fun.

3. Making Every Room Unique and Special

Kids’ ⁢room decor doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.⁣ There are some fun and simple DIY ideas⁣ to make every room unique and special. Here ⁤are‌ some great ideas to get you⁤ started:

  • Opt for colorful walls: Paint the walls in an ⁢array of bright​ colors to add a cheerful vibe to your kids’ ‌rooms. Choose two to three shades and ⁣aim for an overall⁤ harmonious‍ look.
  • Hang eye-catching wall murals: Wall murals can be​ a great way to liven up a‍ room. If⁤ you are artistically inclined, ‍you‍ might even consider creating⁣ your‍ own mural painting.
  • Think of unique ‍furniture pieces: Give ​your kids’ ​room furniture an upgrade by ​customizing them ​with fun patterns and colors. Get creative with color blocking, polka dots,‌ or contrast trims.

You can also make your kids’ room more special by ⁤adding some unique accessories, such as an ‍area‍ rug, ⁣poufs, and individualized⁣ artwork. A playful and imaginative ‍environment will make their room truly unique and⁤ special.

4. How to Choose the Right Colors and Accessories

Choosing Colors

When decorating your DIY‍ kids’ room, ⁣color is ⁢one of the most⁢ important elements. Use bright, vibrant colors to ‍create an ⁤inviting and cheerful atmosphere. To add variety, combine vibrant shades with pastels and neutral tones. Additionally, try limiting the overall palette to two or three colors. This way you ⁣can bring cohesion and ⁢coherence ‍to the‍ room.

Acessorizing the Room

Once the walls are painted, accessorizing⁣ can begin. Some popular favorites include‌ bean bags, wall shelves, floor cushions, and rugs. These decorations should be both stylish⁣ and functional. ⁣To ‍make the room even more unique, ‌consider adding wall art,​ string lights or⁤ curtains in interesting ‍patterns. Additionally, you⁣ could opt for colorful storage space solutions such as baskets and cubbies to store toys and games.

Remember, the key is to keep it creative and fun! When decorating a room for a child,‌ don’t ⁤take it too seriously. Have ‌fun and play around with different options to find the perfect combination.

5. Using Family Photos and Art​ to Enhance Decor

When it comes to decorating‌ a child’s room, ‍you don’t need to settle⁢ for just buying furniture or buying generic wall ‌art. You⁣ can create ‍a personalized ⁤and fun atmosphere‍ in the room‍ with some simple DIY ​projects. ‍Here are ‌a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Create a photo banner with family photos, or with pictures of the kid’s favorite ‍characters ​or friends. Use a‍ string or ribbon⁤ to hang the​ photos on one wall or in a corner.⁣ You can buy pre-cut​ photos from a local store, or you can‌ print your ‍own ‌photos in the desired size.
  • Frame your kids’ artwork and hang it on the wall. Let your kids​ have ⁣their own ⁢art⁢ gallery in their room, and show off the artwork they’ve created. Many stores carry preset frames in a variety of colors and sizes, or you ‌can easily‌ craft your own frames from simple ​materials.
  • You can ⁤change the atmosphere of the room with a few simple elements,⁤ such as colorful pillows, a ⁢rug, and wall hangings. These can be found at any dollar store, and they allow you to create different⁤ themes or‌ color schemes in the ​room.
  • Wallpaper is a great‌ way to⁣ add a pop ⁤of color to any wall. You can choose from⁤ a variety⁣ of patterns and colors to create a unique look for‍ the room. It’s​ also‍ easy to install and remove, so you can change it up as‍ your child‍ grows or ‌moves ‍to their​ next phase in life.

Creating a custom⁣ look for your ⁣kid’s room ⁢can ‌be a‍ fun and simple project that doesn’t have to‍ cost a lot of money. With ​a few⁢ simple ⁣ideas, you can easily create a personalized space for your child that will bring joy ⁤for years to‍ come.

6. Involve ​Your Kids ​in Decorating Their Room

Involving your kids in decorating their room enables ‍them to express their individual personality ⁢and interests, while also teaching them important personal and project management skills.‌ It’s an⁣ opportunity for parents to bond with their kids while‌ giving them a chance to learn about making decisions and executing a project‍ with dedication. Here are some ⁤simple ⁣and fun ideas to get you started:

  • Paint: Make ‌room painting an enjoyable‌ experience for the whole family. Let your kids pick a color​ (or mix ⁢of colors) they like. Then set​ out some tarp or newspapers, gather some paint tools, and let the creativity flow.
  • Wall Art: Stick to the basics or have a look at other ideas⁣ on Pinterest. Wall art can instantly add some color and⁣ vibrancy to a child’s room. ⁣Get your kids⁣ to help you make⁣ their own décor⁤ elements out of recycled materials or craft⁣ supplies like feathers, stones, fabric, and the like, to add​ to the fun.
  • Accessories: ‍ Accessories bring​ life and personality to any room. Think of pillows, throws,‍ and ⁤curtains in bright​ prints and colors. Maybe hand-knitted blankets or knick-knacks they’ve made along the way. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make any room look great, and having the kids pick some accessories can be an excellent project to do together.
  • Storage Space: It’s‌ not just decorating, but also about making the children’s space practical and organized. Storage baskets, ​folding storage bins, over-the-door organizers, and hanging‍ racks for books can help ‌keep their space neat and clutter-free.

These are just⁣ some of the ways you can keep your ‌DIY Kids’ Room Decor projects interesting and meaningful​ for the whole family. Have fun, let your children be part of the process, and you’re sure ⁣to end up with a great​ result!

7. Summary: Enjoying Fun and Creative DIY Projects

Guest⁤ rooms

Kids love ⁣to have guests over, and a ‍guest room is the perfect⁤ way to capture that feeling of having fun with friends.⁢ An amazing DIY project for kids’ room⁢ decor can ⁤be done ⁢in a single weekend ‌or even a few hours. Bright paint colors, ​large wall hangings, and fun seating‍ can quickly transform a space into ‍a cozy​ guest room. For a truly unique look, consider making window decorations and other custom ⁣furnishings⁤ with fabric, string art, and other crafts.⁤


As children get older, their bedrooms become filled with unpacked boxes, toys, and other items.⁢ But with‌ a thoughtful plan, DIY organizers can help​ put ⁢things in order and provide​ a cozy ​and organized look to any kids’ bedroom. Typical organizational projects can include modular shelving, hanging organizers, baskets, and pegboards.​ Involve your kids in the process to⁤ make it a⁤ fun and successful project.

Creative details

You ⁣can quickly​ and easily add exciting detail to any bedroom with projects such as wallpapers, string art on the walls, masks ⁤and ‍frames,⁣ hand-painted ‌signs, and embroidered pillows. Get creative with items such as paint, paper mache, fabric, and yarn to create patterns and textures ⁢that will add life and⁤ color to ‍any bedroom. Encourage your​ children ‍to ​make meaningful and personalized designs ​of‍ their own.


Lighting can help create a safe and comfortable⁣ atmosphere in ‍any kids’ bedroom. ⁣Consider installing sconces and wall lamps‍ with colorful fabric‍ shades ⁤or creating pendant lamps‌ and wall hooks ⁢with fabric. Or,⁤ make a colorful and ​creative lampshade out of paper, paint, ⁢or other materials. Installing LED ‌light strips is also an easy ‌and relatively inexpensive way to add ⁢bright and decorative lighting to any kids’ room.⁣

DIY projects are a⁢ great way to create an inviting and personalized ‌kids’ room. ⁣From guest⁣ rooms to organization and creative details, there is​ no shortage of fun and creative ideas for kids to⁣ get involved with. With⁢ the right ‍plan and the right materials, you can‌ help ⁤your child create​ a ⁢space ⁢that they can be proud of and enjoy for years ‌to come. Creating a fun and functional space for your children can be a great way to encourage them⁢ to ⁢be creative. With these easy DIY ⁤kids’ room decor ideas, you can quickly create a cozy room for them to play in, enjoy spending time, and foster ⁢their imagination. With‍ a few simple steps and a little bit of creativity, you can​ turn your child’s bedroom into a special place of their own.

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