DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ornaments

Christmas is my favorite time of year.. the lights, the magic, I love it all! I have two kids ages 5 & 2 and I wanted to make some ornaments for them. One thing we love at our house is Mickey and Minnie.

We have not been to Disneyland as a family yet but hope to go in the next couple of years. So to add some Disney magic to our tree, I thought it would be fun to make Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornaments! This was really easy and better yet- no sewing was required. Here’s what I did:

You will need:
//Black felt
//ribbon(to hang your ornament)
//glue gun
// red ribbon for Minnie’s bow
1. Make two big circles for Minnie and Mickey’s head. I actually just traced a cup. For the ears, trace 4 smaller circles. Then cut out.
2. On the back of the bigger circle, Hot glue the smaller circles so it looks like ears.
3. Cut the ribbon to the length you like and glue to the back of the bigger circle.
4. Make a bow out of red ribbon for Minnie’s bow. Glue to the front of one of the bigger circles.

5. You’re done! You could add your child’s name or initials if you choose.

These simple ornaments are so fun to have on our tree and my kids love them!
Do you make handmade ornaments each year?
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