Diy Polka Dot Jars

If you follow R & R Workshop, you know I love polka dots and mason jars. Well.. this was just bound to happen!!

I have been trying to find ways to brighten our home. Our couches are brown and pictures frames are black so anything light & colorful .. I am drawn to these days. This easy project did just the trick!!

You will need:
-Paint color of your choice for base and polka dots
-Foam Paint Brush
-Circle sponge or glue stick like I used 😉

1. I would suggest painting a primer on your jar first. I painted mine a gray primer. I would suggest priming your jars whenever you paint them. It helps the paint to stay on longer.
2. Paint the jars the color of your choice. Let dry completely.

3. Paint those polka dots on!! I just used a glue stick with the cap on and the filled it in with a paint brush if needed. A circle sponge would would be easier and I have since bought myself one.

4. Let dry completely overnight and your done. Simple, easy and in-expensive!

I actually chose to not put the ring around the top, but you could certainly do that.

Add flowers for a pretty display. How cute would these be at a baby shower or wedding reception?! Or even Mother’s Day! I loved how the yellow and blue look together!

They look great next to our blue and copper our gallery wall too.

A simple project that makes a big impact! I painted my lamps the same blue as well.
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