Embroidery Hoop Art (With Scrapbook Paper)

Today I will be sharing how I made embroidery hoop art with scrapstbook paper! A simple craft to add personality to any wall in your home.

Last week I shared Mini Gallery Walls in my kids shared room. We are renting our house, which means I needed to get creative on how I was going to add patterns into their room (without painting the walls!). Embroidery hoops are a big trend right now and I totally get why. The hoops were a couple dollars and scrapbook paper is usually around $1 or less.. so for under $5 dollars you get cute & simple art. Fabric works too, but here is a tip.. sometimes you can find better patterns in scrapbook paper and it will cost you less then fabric!

You will need:

Embroidery Hoops – Any size you desire. I chose two different sizes.
Scrapbook paper

Step 1: Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the embroidery hoop – leave an inch around so its easier to work with.

Step 2: Put scrapbook paper in between the hoops and tighten.

Step 3: Cut of excess paper. One of my hoops I cut off the extra paper, but one I left the paper. I cut off a tiny bit of it but I liked how it ruffled around the hoop.

My family is very musical and adding music notes to the kids room was top on my list.
I’m so happy I found this paper!

This polka dot paper was a fun way to add a little more color into the room. Plus its polka dots..need I say more? I kept an inch extra of paper so that it would ruffle around the hoop. I like the look and it just adds something extra.

So there you go! Simple wall decor with scrapbook paper!

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