I’m Thankful Turkey Feather Printable & Scavenger Hunt

In preparation for family being in town, I made these fun coloring turkey feathers and scavenger hunt! My kids will be the only kids at Thanksgiving dinner, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t join in the fun of this scavenger hunt. It would be fun to do while your waiting for the Turkey to finish cooking or after the meal to get a little exercise. Regardless of when you do it, it is great to be able to share what we are grateful for and have a little fun as well 🙂
This Thanksgiving we are having dinner with my family and I am so excited! I’ve done Thanksgiving with smaller groups the past few years, so it will be fun to be able to spend time with my parents and siblings. As much as I love Christmas but when I think of extended family- grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, siblings- I think of the many, many Thanksgiving dinners around my grandparents table. Sharing what we are grateful for and just being together.

My kids loved the idea of coloring their feathers, but you could surely print these out on color paper as well. I took some pictures of my kiddos using the feathers before I added the text. My son is in 1st grade and learning how to write and I love seeing his cute handwriting and learning what both of my kids are grateful for. They did this activity together and came up with such sweet responses that I will cherish.

The scavenger hunt is simple- color/write on your turkey feathers, have someone hide them & and then search for them! Easy but fun for the whole family!

Download the Turkey Feathers here.

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