No-Sew Poodle Skirt Tutorial

This No-Sew Poodle Skirt was so easy and fun to make! I made this for my daughter’s costume last year- before this blog :). I knew I wanted her to costume to be simple. I didn’t want to have to buy
very much and just use what we have at home.
Here’s what I did to make this cute poodle skirt!
You will need:
// 1/2 yard pink felt
(this was for a one year old so you will
need more for older kids or adults)
//tape measure
//string of sequins (I only used 1/2 or 1/4 yard)
//poodle dog applique- I bought mine.
//wide ribbon to tie at the waist.
//glue gun and hot glue
1. Measure your child and determine how long you want the skirt.
2. I honestly just cut a big circle and folded it over. Cut another hole at the top for the opening.
I tried it on my daughter and made it shorter. and adjusted if needed.
3. Cut slits along the top edge to weave ribbon through.
Allow extra ribbon on each end to tie.
4. Now for the fun part :)- Glue your poodle applique onto the skirt.
I glued the poodle off to the side a bit.
I also added a tiny bow at the tail of the poodle just for fun.
5. Cut your sequins to the length you desire and glue starting at the poodle. It is up to you how long or short you want the sequin to wrap around the skirt. I curved mine around in circles to make it a little more fun and whimsical.
I love how it turned out! Add a tutu underneath for extra fullness.
To complete your 50’s girl costume you will need:
//black mary jane or dress shoes
//white cardigan
//pink socks or lacy socks
//bow- I found ours at forever 21
I was very happy with how the look came together! It was darling!
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