Slow-cooker Pesto Chicken Pasta

We ate this for dinner on Friday and I had to share this yummy recipe I got from friend!
It’s great anytime of the year and perfectly green for St. Patrick’s Day!

I have to admit.. I’ve never had any pasta with pesto before. So when our friend’s had us over for dinner a couple months ago.. I didn’t know what to expect. I was amazed how much I loved it and
plan on adding pesto to more of our meals!

Pesto Chicken Pasta

3-4 Chicken Breast (frozen will work too)
2 cups cream of chicken soup
1 cup milk
1 packet of Pesto Mix
2 Tbsp olive oil
3 cups cooked pasta (we use Penne)
Parmesan Cheese (optional)

1. Place chicken into crock-pot.
2. Mix all ingredients and pour over chicken.
3. Cook in crockpot on low for 4-6 hours, high for 3-4 hours.
4. Cut chicken into cubes or shred.
5. Serve with pasta and top with parmesan cheese if desired.

Hope you have a wonderful pinch-free St. Patrick’s Day!
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